Tree of Allah is the real world miracle of Allah done by Himself without any human intervention to demonstrate His control through nature in the 21st century of modern science & technology by Allah the God of Islam.

Introduction to Tree of ALLAH اللہ in Pakistan

Allah has written his name through this tree in Pakistan and has shown His power and control through nature without any human intervention and this is a fact of the 21st century.

It's a reality and a sensory miracle in the real world that has nothing to do with magic, sorcery, spiritual power, black power, computer effects, video editing, deception, or any other trick.

Miraculous Proof of Allah's Existence

Who is the Real God Name through Nature?

How Has God Revealed Himself through Nature?

More Trees of Allah اللہ in the World

Claims Against Tree of Allah اللہ

Our gods do not need to depend on such things to prove themselves, they exist and help us, only your Allah need to prove Himself through writing His name

This is a very illogical claim by those who believe in existence of many gods. Since their imaginary gods cannot practically write their names through nature by taking away control from Allah therefore they feel helpless and make such claim as an execuse to hide the fact that they are feeling defeated and their imaginary gods don't really exist to support their false beliefs.

Christians have shown a cross, or Hindus have shown their mark

Sign of cross, symbol or shapes are not the established names of gods of non-Muslims in their established religions at all. They should not show cross, symbols, shapes or random signs or any other forms but MUST show only the established names of their religious gods (e.g. Jesus Christ, Ezra, Yahweh, Rama, Krishna, Vishnu, etc) written naturally through nature by their own powers and control if they're truthful.

Allah is the established name of God in religion Islam and Tree of Allah is clearly visible in Arabic: للہ

Since there is no God except Allah, so no non-Muslim can ever prove that the names of their gods are written naturally through nature by their own powers and control which is why this tree is 100% physical and miraculous proof of the truthfulness of Allah's existence and truth of religion of Islam and last prophethood of Prophet Muhammadﷺ on whom the Holy Quran was revealed 1400 years ago.

If this proves to be true, then non-Muslims can show many such things

Not many "such things", non-Muslims should show their clear solid physical proofs to prove that their religious gods, by their own power, changed the laws of nature in the real human world through clouds, cows, dogs, cats, lions, birds, newborn babies, including other neutral creatures like lightning strikes and the earth, by writing down their names and also controlling them to call upon their names out of their mouths, because Allah has practically done it all through nature in the 21st century.

Our gods are more powerful than Allah

If there are gods beside Allah who created this universe and are really powerful than Allah then they all should gather on this tree and utilize all their powers to transform name of Allah اللہ into their names (e.g. Jesus Christ, Ezra, Yahweh, Rama, Krishna, Vishnu, etc) to defeat Allah in real world if they are gods.

They will never be able to transform this tree into their names by performing any miracle because all powers belong to Almighty Allah Wahid Al Qahar - The Creator of universe and God of Nature.

There is no Allah

If there is no Allah then how did Allah practically demonstrated His name through this tree in Pakistan and has shown His power and control through nature without any human intervention?

This is fake, illusion or magic

There is no non-Muslim in the world who can challenge this tree in any court of the world and prove it fake, illusion or magic because this is a miraculous tree made by Allah اللہ

So, it is absolutely and perfectly 100% reality of the 21st century and indeed also an observable, practical and demonstrateable proof on existence of Allah because there is not even a single tree in the world with naturally written name of imaginary gods of non-Muslims, so why not?

If you still consider it 100% fake and you have firm belief that this is an illusion then go ahead against this "Tree of Allah" and file a case in any court of the world to prove it wrong, can you do it?

If yes, then go ahead.
If no, then why you cannot?

Questions for Disbelievers

1) If there are other gods beside Alah who control the universe then why did they fail to stop Allah from writing his name through trees?

2) If Allah is not the true God, then how can He write his name through trees?

3) If there are many gods along with Allah then why could not they write their own names through trees against Allah?

4) If Allah can write and demonstrate His name through through trees written by His powers and control over nature then why can't other gods (if exists) write and demonstrate their name through trees written by their powers and control over nature?

5) If there is any other God except Allah in the universe, can he change and transform the Tree of Allah اللہ into his name by his own power and control over nature? If yes, then why could not he do this act practically with this tree? If no then do you accept the true religion Islam and enter in it for becoming a Muslim now?