$10,000 Challenge to All Atheists and Non-Muslims

Billions of religious followers believe that there is only one religion that is true - theirs. This just doesn't make sense to rationalist. All religions contradict each other, themselves, and known facts. There is no undeniable evidence to prove that they are true. It is just an ethnocentric, culturally supremacist, arrogant supposition.

They are only quoting from some ancient book that you have been told is true (the "Truth"), is not a proof. By proof we mean evidence that can be tested and verified. That means scientifically and legally. This evidence must prove that your religion is the only one and true beyond any doubt out of all religions.

Difficult? Yes, but isn't that what you believe and preach? There must be some reason for your belief. Or are billions of people just suffering from a mass deception? If you are not deluded, then prove it.

Therefore we, in all sincerity, issue this Challenge to all Atheists and Non-Muslims:

"From your religion, prove us fresh dead body with fresh blood without used any chemicals/embalming/waxing for its protection."

- OR -

"From your religion, bring any religious leader, magician, spiritual master or follower who can go in burning Fire with some Muslims in front of world media without using any chemicals on the body ."

*** Reward A $10,000 ***

This is a serious challenge. Do not challenge unless you are serious.