670     04/16/2019

What's New in April 2019

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Home Page:

Homepage has been updated with direct link to main sections (Surgeon Soul and Fresh Dead Bodies)

Contact #

Feel free to call us for your questions or inquiries. Number can be seen on top and bottom of website.

Dialogues (new section launched): We have launcehd a new section where we'll post our records of conversation with various kind of people (Atheists , Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Shia, Qadiani,  etc)

Fresh dead bodies page has been updated with most evidences on a single page as well as urdu books, newspaper cuttings and references.

Video Page:

Collection of news channel reports on Shah Yaqeeq Baba.

Broken videos have been updated (they were deactivated by youtube and tunepk servers)

Blasphemers: This page now have updated information and evidences.

Several updates have been applied on website for improvements.

Header Menu:

Header menu updated and organized in better form. 

Fresh dead bodies and Surgeon Soul pages can  be directly accessed.

Literature menu has readable material links including articles, events and other information.

Resources menu have social media images, ebooks and other resources.

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