1450     03/03/2017

Non-Muslims Don't Believe in Fresh Dead Bodies with Blood

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We request Muslims of the world to start preaching fresh dead bodies of Muslim martyrs with blood openly on all platforms to Non-Muslims because when we discuss with Non-Muslims on social media, they say that if this is true then why they don't hear it on major platforms of the world by Non-Muslims media?

Muslims in the world should reveal this openly to all Non-Muslims media and public so that they can see its truth.

We cannot stress on importance of this irrefutable proof on truth of Islam that even Muslims are not understanding. Muslims majority consider that fresh dead body isn't that important to prove existence of Allah and truth of Islam while Non-Muslims majority say that if this is true then show us fresh dead body that we can test and observe to accept truth of Islam.

We inform Muslims to work on it otherwise Muslims are responsible themselves on their destruction because all wars against Islam are due to the fact that Non-Muslims are not aware about truth of Islam with absolute proofs.

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