Miracle of Allah through Spiritual Lights to Heal Broken/Damaged/Injured Wings of An Unable to Fly Moth

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     1988     09/10/2020


According to science and insect experts, a "Damaged Moth" cannot be repaired, cannot fly again, its wings cannot be repaired, such an attempt would cause further damage to the Moth's body as it is very difficult for the Moth to sit patiently but In this video, you are going to watch the cure of nature's Moth by the power of Allah through spiritual lights against laws of nature and common sense.

The video is recorded in Urdu language but what happened to the Moth can be seen and understood by observation and help of English subtitles on important actions to help viewers.


The incident took place between 12:00 AM - 2:00 AM on May 6, 2020 in the month of Ramadan, when an injured Month fell into a cup of garlic sauce while eating with a guest who came to the house. I took the cup and placed it on the shelf in the kitchen. When I started to go back to eat, the thought came into my heart that the moth is suffering inside the cup wrapped in garlic. Take it out.

When I couldn't touch it due to fear, wife tried to grab the Moth. During the efforts for taking it out, the Moth became more wrapped in garlic. It was damaged along with its wings, but she took it out and put on the ground.

While cleaning the garlic from Moth's body, another thought came again into my heart to start recording for what I was doing, so I turned on the mobile camera and let my son (Muhammad) to record whatever I was doing.

However, I understood later why this incident was started and what was the will of Allah behind it. Now this miracle of Allah has been presented to the people of this world by His grace.

Date: May 6, 2020
Time: Between 12:00 AM - 2:00 AM
Country: Pakistan


According to Science and Insect Experts:

  • Moth doesn’t really heal

  • Moth wings will never heal

  • Moth with broken/damaged wings never going to fly again

  • Moth wings cannot be fixed and shouldn’t be tried anymore

  • Moth is very unlikely to sit patiently while you try to repair it

  • Moth will be more damaged if someone tries to repair and will damage it further

  • Moth with wing hanging loose should be left as it is or better to pull of that piece and let the moth go as it is

According to Power of ALLAH through Spiritual Lights:

  • Moth healed back to fly again (from damaged and unable to fly)

  • Moth both wings started to move again (repaired from damaged / broken state)

  • Moth was cured and fixed within an hour

  • Moth was sitting patiently while it was being repaired and healed through spiritual lights

  • Moth was flying around easily (before it was dropping on ground when tried)

  • Moth started to take off fly automatically after getting healed

  • Moth was coming back to me again & again even when touched by my son

  • Moth was comfortable to sit along with me patiently even after able to fly

Common FAQs Regarding "Moth / Butterfly"

Do moths wings heal?

The wing will never “heal”, unlike when you set a broken bone. If you find a butterfly with a piece of wing hanging loose, you can pull off that piece of wing and let the butterfly go. Otherwise, it's best to leave it be and let nature take its course. (by Jill Staake, spent 8 years working at a science museum, raised thousands upon thousands of butterflies and moths, know their life cycles inside and out)

Can an injured moth heal?

Typically, once injured, they die. They don't have a lot of bounce-back, not much means or opportunity for healing in their short, complex little lives.

Can a moth fly after you touch it?

You can ruin a moth's wing by touching it. While it is not good to touch a butterfly or moth, a moth's wing is designed to lose tiny scales, which look like powder. But the moth can still fly.

What happens if a moth gets wet?
If water gets on the wings and dries, it can make the wings dirty. Their wings are really big, so if they get wet, they can't fly and take forever to dry out.

Can moths get high?
They probably don't actually get high, but the smoke definitely disorients them. I don't believe moths have cannabinoid receptors. 251 degrees at 110 minutes.

Does heat treatment kill moths?
Clothes & carpet moth infestations can be eradicated using heat treatment or chemicals. Heat treatment is generally the recommended course of action against moths. Heat treatment will kill moths at every stage of life instantly, in both your clothes and your carpets.

Why do moths like flames?
Like many flying insects, moths are able to find their way partly by using light as a compass. ... As it does so, it spirals in toward the light and might end up drawn into the flame. Another theory says that light sources which emit ultraviolet light as well as visible light attract moths.

Do moths really fly into flames?
So moths – and many other flying insects – have evolved to expect to receive light at a fixed part of the eye (“transverse orientation“). As long as the moth flies more or less in a straight line, this visual pattern remains unchanged. ... As it does so, it spirals in toward the light and might end up drawn into the flame.

How do you care for an injured moth?

If this moth doesn’t have an obvious wing injury, then chances are it’s simply winding down — at the end of its life. These animals live most of their lives as larvae, underground, feeding on plant roots. They emerge as adults during a couple of months in summer to mate. The adults have no mouthparts, and cannot feed, so the fat stores and energy they have when they emerge from their pupa is all they have, period. They exist only to reproduce, then they die.

Put the moth outside — if it’s a female that hasn’t bred, its pheromones may draw in a male and enable it to completely its lifecycle. Otherwise, a bird, or some other animal will welcome the meal. There is nothing you can do to help it, and any attempt will only cause additional stress which will hasten its end.

Do moth wings grow back?
Insect wings don't grow back or heal, and a moth with a broken wing is never going to recover. If the moth is otherwise uninjured, you can look after it though. ... Moths don't live very long anyway, but you can provide it with a nice life for the time it does have left.

Why do moths vibrate their wings?
Moths heat up their flight muscles by vibrating their wings, since they do not have the radiant energy of the sun (being nocturnal) at their disposal to serve that purpose.

How do you help a moth?
For those, ice packs aid with healing, best when applied for 20 minutes every 2-3 hours. But I suppose that's not especially helpful for an injured moth. Certain cracks and cuts can be temporarily patched with super glue.

Can moths regrow wings?
Butterflies develop their wings while they are in the pupal stage or cocoon. Once they emerge as butterflies (or moths) their primary mission is to find a mate and lay eggs. ... However, once the damage is done it is permanent, so lost scales and nicks or pieces out of their wings cannot grow back.

Can a butterfly survive with damaged wings?
An adult butterfly is fully formed, cannot grow and doesn’t really heal. If you find a butterfly with a broken wing, the insect is probably never going to fly again.

Do butterflies feel pain in their wings?
Scientist say no that they do not have pain receptors in brain hence cannot feel pain. ... Butterflies know when they are touched, their nervous system does not have pain receptors that registers pain. They can survive without abdomen, partly broken wing.

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