Greatest Magician of India Jogi Jaipal accepts Islam

Author: Zeeshan Arshad     25651     08/21/2013


With the growth of Islam in Ajmer of India, Prithviraj was very anxious. So he contacted his family Guru, Jogi Jaipal, who was the greatest magician of Indian and lived in a jungle (Jaypal Nagar) near Ajmer. Raja narrated him the entire happenings. He considered Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti's miracles as ordinary magic tricks. He assured the king that he would expel Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti (R.A.) He sat on his Mirg Chhala (deer skin) and left for the Anna Sagar along with his disciples. The devils army was riding on flying lions, and holding pythons in their hands like lashes. They gathered on the bank of Anna Sagar. The neo-Muslims companions were afraid of seeing devils-army. But Khwaja Sahib draw a circle with his finger around them and asked them not to go out of it.

Jogi Jaipal and his disciples threw magic-pythons which rushed to the Khwaja Sahib but burnt and changed into ashes reaching the circle. When failed in their intentions, the magicians showered fire on them. It not only proved ineffective to the target but bounced back to the magicians and burnt them. When all the enchantment were a failure. Jogi Jaipal decided to attack them from the sky. So he flew towards the sky. 

When Khwaja Sahib saw him, he gives order (Huhum) to his (Khadaw, Nalain) slippers to take him down. The slippers also took a fly into the sky and started beating the Jogi. After sometime the people saw that the slippers were riding on his head and he was forced to fly down. At the end Jogi Jaipal was defeated. Jogi Jaipal came down and said "Khwaja Sb. your slipper has so much power that I applied my all tricks at my best to remove your slippers, but it was beating on my head continuously so, whereas your slippers has such power then how much power you have " Forgive me, I am defeated". He fell down on the feet of Khwaja Sb. (R.A.) and accept Islam and Known as Abdullah Biyabani.

He admitted that the magic had no value and he wasted his entire life in exploring and gaining of magic. He was ashamed and repented. Khwaja Sahib was kind enough, so he forgave him. Jogi accepted Islam and became a disciple. Hazrat proposed his new name as Abdullah. His service is to feed the hungers, to give the water to thirsty person and to show the way to the person who forget his way. He became immortal. His other disciples and people who were present there, also joined him. Khwaja Sahib was kind enough to help him in achieving the status of Aulia-e-Kamileen.

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