Every Child is Born Muslim...

  • The mother of every person gives him birth according to his true nature.
  • It is subsequently his parents who make him a Jew or a Christian or a Magian.
  • Had his parents been Muslim he would have also remained a Muslim.

~ Prophet Muhammadﷺ (reference: sahih muslim 2659a)

God of Nature
GOD of Nature!
Allah? Ezra? Jesus? Yahweh? Ram? Krishna? Vishnu? Hanuman? Shiva? Zeus? Thor? Energy? Mother Earth?
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The nature also declared that personal name of God is 'Allah'

Allah in Arabic
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Power of ALLAH اللہ
Alive Dead Bodies

According to medical science, dead bodies decay therefore religious leaders and doctors of other religions except Islam use chemicals, embalming and other scientific methods for preservation of dead people but they fabricate it.

While Muslims don't use any chemical, embalming and scientific technique therefore dead bodies of all righteous Muslims remain alive in fresh condition in their graves only by the Power of Allah.

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Power of ALLAH اللہ
Spiritual Surgeon Soul

According to medical science, dead people are 'dead', they cannot perform real world physical activities anymore and it is surely true about dead non-Muslims.

But the soul of Shah Yaqeeq Baba (Sunni Muslim Saint), a feaured soul of Pakistan by TV channels (samaa tv), daily ummat newspaper and BBC Urdu News, have been curing the incurable patients for the last 500 years.


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Power of ALLAH اللہ
Allah اللہ Muhammad(ﷺ) محمد

Either all religions are true,
or all religions are false,
or one religion is surely true.

God writes his personal name 'Allah' through nature in Arabic اللہ or للہ

God also writes name of his last prophet 'Muhammad' (ﷺ) through nature in Arabic محمد

These creatures of nature also invoked personal name of God 'Allah 'from their mouth like a real human without any human training and proved truth of religion Islam.

Therefore nature declared forever that...

There is no God except ALLAH (اللہ)
Muhammad(ﷺ) is Prophet of ALLAH (اللہ)

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The story

Divine immunity from burning in fire has always been recorded as a religious miracle, especially as an element in the life of true Muslims only.

During the year 2009, when someone reported that the dead body of a Hindu could not be burnt in the fire, we decided to investigate to confirm this news.

Pakistan's official media news TV channels and newspapers were silent about the news, so the news seemed suspicious to us, but out of curiosity, we traveled to Islamabad city to investigate the truth.

After inquiring from the people we came to know that it was a pure false news and just a rumor that had nothing to do with reality and truth.

But our journey was not wasted because we received a new news that the dead bodies of some Muslims were safe from decay after their death without embalming after several years remained buried in their graves.

When we visited the cemeteries of Muslims and non-Muslims and inquired about this from well experienced professional gravediggers of those cemeteries, we found that the dead bodies of some righteous Muslims were truly found in fresh condition without any embalming but not a single dead body of a non-Muslim has ever been found in fresh condition without the use of chemicals, and we recoreded video interviews of gravediggers.

Since that time, we launched this website (www.RightfulReligion.com) after the truth of Islam was proved by the fresh dead bodies of righteous Muslims through Nature (Earth) so that those who are anxious to find the true religion can be satisfied to see these observable, neutral, natural, physical and pure miracles of Allahﷻ with their own eyes and enter Islam by reciting the Shahadah and acknowledging Allahﷻ as the only one true God.

Common Sense is Not So Common
Blind Worshippers

Since 2009, millions of emails had been sent to non-Muslims of the world including but not limited to their TV channels, newspapers, researchers, scholars, columnists, journalists, embassies, universities, colleges, etc but most of them ignored the signs of Allah.

As a result of ignorance, Allah sent coronavirus in all over the world for punishment and reminder of His existence as the Creator & Controller of Nature which is the reason only we have true and permanent solution for finishing the coronavirus from the world forever therefore non-Muslims will never be able to stop and finish coronavirus using their scientific knowledge no matter what.

Since the common sense is not so common so most people are still worshipping their artificial gods, using vaccines and suffering in emotional pain, stress and emptiness of heart while we (Team of RightfulReligion) are 100% safe and immune from all the attacks of all waves of coronavirus by the Command of Allahﷻ the Holy Mighty King of Universe.