Only one God's name "Allah" appeared naturally written in Arabic "اللہ" through Nature and also being called by the creatures of Nature.

نیچر کے ذریعہ صرف ایک خدا "اللہ" کا نام قدرتی طور پر لکھا ظاہر ہوتا ہے اور اسی کا نام نیچر کی مخلوق پکارتی ہے۔

We will show them Our signs in the universe and within their own beings until it will become manifest to them that it is the truth. Is it not enough about your Lord that He is witness to everything? - Quran 41.53

And say, “Praise belongs to Allah. He will show you His signs, then you will recognize them.” And your Lord is not unaware of what you do. - Quran 27.93


It is written in following books of religions that God is only one.

Islam: Say: He is Allah, the One and Only. (Holy Quran 112:1)

Christianity & Judaism: Hear, O Israel, The Lord, Our God, is one Lord. (The Bible, Mark 12:29, Deuteronomy 6:4)

Hinduism: “Ekam evadvitiyam” “He is One only without a second." (Chandogya Upanishad 6:2:1)

Sikhism: "There exists but one God, who is called The True, The Creator, Free from fear and hate, Immortal, Not begotten, Self-Existent, Great and Compassionate." (Sri Guru Granth Sahib, vol:1, Japuji verse:1)

Zoroastrians (Parsis): "He is one; He is without an origin or end. He has no father or mother, wife or son." (Dasatir, Ahura Mazda. Refer to Yasna 31:7 & 11)

However, there is disagreement among all mankind about true name of God because they do not have true awareness.

In the 21st century of modern science & technology when there are billions of peope with mobile phones in their hands, God demonstrated his great and amazing miracles through Nature which are against the laws of physics. You will never find name of false gods naturally appearing or being called by creatures of Nature because nature only obeys the Command of its creator.

Divine Witness

There is no magic, sorcery, spiritual power, illusion, video editing effect, deception, or any other trick used for these videos. RightfulReligion strives to compile the real miracles that are scattered across the world. RightfulReligion is the platform where real miracles from different sources are brought under one roof in a structured and organized format. RightfulReligion is like a Supermarket where you get everything under one roof yet it is not the manufacturing unit, it is only a place where different miracles are displayed for the truth seekers.

This is the creation of Allah. Now, show me what is created by those others, besides Him. - Quran 31.11


30+ newborn babies saying "Allah" instead of crying which proves statement of Allah in Quran 3.6, 16.78, 36.77

نومولود بچے رونے کے بجائے "اللہ" کہہ رہے ہیں


Lions are saying "Allah"

شیر اللہ اللہ اللہ کہہ رہے ہیں


Cows are saying "Allah"

گائے اللہ اللہ اللہ کہہ رہی ہیں


Puppies are saying "Allah"

کتے کے پلے اللہ اللہ اللہ کہہ رہے ہیں


Roosters are saying "Allah"

مرغے مرغیاں اللہ اللہ اللہ کہہ رہے ہیں


Cats are saying "Allah"

بلیاں اللہ اللہ اللہ کہہ رہی ہیں


Name of "Allah" appeared naturally in Arabic "اللہ" through Nature while names of false gods of non-Muslims did not appear naturally.

"اللہ" کا نام قدرتی طور پر نیچر کے ذریعہ ظاہر ہوا جبکہ غیر مسلموں کے جھوٹے خداؤں کے نام قدرتی طور پر ظاہر نہیں ہوئے۔

Frequently Asked Questions / Objections

Our gods do not need to depend on such things to prove themselves, they exist and help us, only your Allah need to prove Himself through writing His name

This is a very illogical claim by those who believe in existence of many gods. Since their imaginary gods cannot practically write their names through nature by taking away control from Allah therefore they feel helpless and make such claim as an execuse to hide the fact that they are feeling defeated and their imaginary gods don't really exist to support their false beliefs.

Many animals, birds and beasts make sounds like humans and also speak some English words so there is no miracle in the Army of Allah for speaking name of Allah

It is not a matter of strange sounds, nor it is a matter of calling or teaching a few words of English, Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, etc., which have been taught or trained by human beings. The point is that God in the universe, through His power and might, is manifesting Himself by calling His name through the neutral creatures of Nature, and the way the Army of Allah is speaking the name of Allah, this Army of Nature did not recite name of man-made gods who were invented by disbelievers of Allah, so it is understandable using common sense that if Allah does not exist, then how did Allah call out His name through these creatures and all gods of all non-Muslims could not stop Allah while Allah stopped them all in His practical act? It is because Allah is indeed the God and creator of the universe, Almighty King - All Powers Belong to Allah اللہ

If these proofs are so miraculous and powerful, then why don't most Muslims preach Islam through them?

Because those Muslims consider it enough to call to Islam only through the books of Qur'an and Hadith, while we know that the Qur'an is not the word of Allah for non-Muslims, so to present what non-Muslims do not believe as evidence, not at all appropriate. That is why we invite non-Muslims to the truth of Islam only by using the miracles that happen by the command of Allah through nature so that they can be convinced why Islam is 100% true religion of 100% real God Allah.

If this proves to be true, then non-Muslims can show such army of their gods

No non-Muslim in the world can present an army of nature that recites the name of the Gods of their religions because of their command and power, so it is forever impossible for all non-Muslims to do so.

Our gods are more powerful than Allah

If there are gods beside Allah who created this universe and are really powerful than Allah then they all should gather and control creatures of nature to speak and recite their names by their power only without using their followers for help.

There is no Allah

If there is no Allah then how did Allah practically demonstrated His name through these creatures of nature by His power and control without any human intervention?

This is fake, illusion or magic

There is no non-Muslim in the world who can challenge Army of Allah in any court of the world and prove it fake, illusion or magic because these creatures recited name of Allah by the command of Allah اللہ

So, it is absolutely and perfectly 100% reality of the 21st century and indeed also an observable, practical and demonstrateable proof on existence of Allah because there is not even a single creature of nature in the world for speaking and reciting name of imaginary gods of non-Muslims only by their command without any human intervention and training, so why not?

If you still consider it 100% fake and you have firm belief that this is an illusion then go ahead against this "Army of Allah" and file a case in any court of the world to prove it wrong, can you do it?

If yes, then go ahead.
If no, then why you cannot?

Our Questions to Non-Muslims

1) If there are other gods beside Alah who control the universe then why did they fail to stop Allah from controling creatures of nature to speak and recite his name?

2) If Allah is not the true God, then how can He write and demonstrate his name through creatures of nature?

3) If there are many gods along with Allah then why could not they write and demonstrate their own names through creatures of nature against Allah?

4) If Allah can write and demonstrate His name through through creatures of nature by His powers and control over nature then why can't other gods (if exists) write and demonstrate their name through creatures of nature written by their powers and control over nature just like Allah did?

5) If there is any other God except Allah in the universe, can he change and transform the default language of creatures of nature to speak and recite his name by his own power and control over nature? If yes, then why could not he do this act practically with these creatures of nature? If no then do you accept the true religion Islam and enter in it for becoming a Muslim now?