02/20/2017     1735

Nature Has No Religion Yet Can Decide One True Religion

Written by Moulana Abrar Alam

Nature (e.g. Fire/Earth/Air/Water) is not Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jew, etc and it is a 100% neutral judge to justify true religion. We don't need saying of human beings and any religious book of any religion.

Many religions exist in the world. All religions cannot be true at a time and all religions cannot be false so obviously there is one true religion among them.

Christians say that their religion is true, Muslims say that their religion is true and so on other people of other religions say about their religions.

However, until now religious books are unable to prove that which religion is true. Even, we human beings have been failed to justify and declare one true religion beyond any doubt. So, presence of many religions at a time destroyed human beings. Due to this, many dangerous wars happened in which millions of people were killed, trillions of dollars wasted while poverty and illiteracy contienously increasing in the world.

That is why, we were in need that how can we really find true religion and get rid of all false religions so that major problems of all human beings can be resolved and the God will reward human beings hereafter.

So, we choosed nature as a judge to identify true religion beyond any doubt. When we researched on fire, then we found that many true Muslims were immune to burn in fire by the order of God and some Muslims are still ready to prove it too in front of world media and public without any chemicals usage on their body but there is no record that any non-Muslim were able to go completely in fire and did not burn in it and there is no Non-Muslim in present time to go in fire with some Muslims to prove it through practical test.

It shows that Islam is surely the true religion because a human cannot remain immune in fire himself unless God is happy from him and stop fire's ability to burn his true follower.

When we researched on Earth, then we found that all true prophets, companions of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and true Muslims are in fresh condition with fresh blood since centuries without any chemicals used but all Non-Muslims decompose after death which also proved that Islam is surely the true religion because it's a natural process that a body decay after death. If only true Muslims are immune to decomposition, then it means God is happy from them and prohibited earth to eat them.

So, wise people must think about it that why is this all happening through nature and after discovering the reason that the God is only happy from true Muslims of religion Islam, they must revert to Islam and save themselves too. If dead bodies of true Muslims are safe then it is a sign that their souls are also safe. If dead bodies of all Non-Muslims decay, then it is a sign that souls of all Non-Muslims are also in painful punishment.

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