A Lecture for General Assembly of United Nations

Author: Moulana Abrar Alam     4851     07/22/2012

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Greetings to my respected human/Islamic brothers and sisters!

Firstly, I thank to Almighty Allah who created this universe and who protected millions dead bodies of Muslim Martyrs and other true Muslims in fresh and sleep-like condition under the Earth since centuries and years without used any chemicals for the protection of their dead bodies. Secondly, I want to say something about me and after that, I will describe my request to you.

I am only a neutral Muslim scholar and spiritual doctor. I do not have any political or religious party and I do not belong to any religious or political party. I love all mankind whether they are Muslims or Non-Muslims. I am not an enemy of any religious party, political party, any country, any government, any army, any religion and I am not against any language or any culture. My mission is only to save all the mankind from major problems of the world that means poverty, illiteracy, war conditions. I also want all human beings to enter in paradise after their death because I believe that all mankind are in beginning from one father Adam and his wife Hawa (peace be upon them).

My research is that only one religion is true at this time and not all religions are true at a time as all religious leaders say this too. So I request that you please pass a bill for all country of the world that they gather and send all top religious leaders of all religions to the United Nations and order them to find out only one true religion from many existence religions or find and bring some people who cannot burn in fire without used any chemical on their bodies and this will be a clear sign of true religion because wrong religions followers will surely burn in fire. By this method we all mankind can see which religion is right and true near the God who created this universe and, which is the wrong or cancelled religion.

If religious leaders don't find out the true religion from many religions or don't find any follower in a religion that cannot burn in fire then be sure that such religion is not correct and the God is angry on them because it is perfect that there should be some people in true religion, who cannot burn in fire and that will be a proof that the creator of fire (the God) is happy from that religion.

According to the method I define to judge the true religion, there is no doubt that the religion Islam is surely the true religion because there are many Muslims who can enter in fire without used any chemical on their bodies and the fire cannot burn them.

My human brothers and sisters this is very necessary as I have told above because the followers of six religions from seven are in darkness. Their lives are unsuccessful after their death and majority of mankind are in problems in this world due to poverty, illiteracy and war conditions. Without choosing the true religion form existence religions we will not succeed in this world and hereafter.

So I request that you please act according to my advice otherwise we will not be able to come out from the darkness and religious leaders will keep misguiding the mankind. So please pass a bill for all country to gather and send all their top religious leaders to the United Nations. I hope that you will think with open mind and heart otherwise there is no way to make this world like a paradise and no other way for all mankind to be able to enter in paradise.