How to Make this World Like a Paradise

Author: Moulana Abrar Alam     4621     07/23/2012

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My respected Muslims and non-Muslims brothers and sisters, I want to describe a reality in front of you. I request that you accept it, act upon on it or if you have better idea than my plan then suggest me.

The reality is that we all mankind can make this world like a paradise by gathering all top religious leaders and saints of the world and ask them about true and rightful religion near the God who created this world and protected millions dead bodies of Muslims and Muslim Martyrs in fresh and sleep-like condition with fresh blood since centuries and years, but did not protect any dead body of non-Muslims in fresh condition.

Religious leaders of all religions say that all religions are not true. It means that one religion is surely true so if they all gather at a single platform in front of media to define that one and true religion with undeniable proof for public, then all or at least majority of mankind will enter into that religion and then other all religions will be proved cancelled and wrong.

In this situation there will be only one religion in the world and by this way we will succeed in making this world like a paradise, but we will also be able to enter in paradise here after because we all mankind will be followers of a true religion.

I hope that sincere people will come forward to help me about this unique plan.