Nature is Genuine Real Proof of God, Here is Why

Nothing is more genuine and real proof than direct nature and miracle of God.

Those who do not use their common sense remain blind by their heart and live astray.

I have seen that many atheists demand to show them real proofs but when religious followers of religions show them scriptures or their temples or even random shapes in sky, signs, objects then atheists do not accept it.

Is it a wise action and behavior from atheists?

Yes and No!

Yes, because showing temples, scriptures, signs and symbols etc is not an irrefutable, neutral, natural, impartial, observable and unique proof on truth of a religion IF opposite religious person can bring the temples, scriptures, signs and symbols etc too.

When religious leaders and their followers want to represent proof to atheists it MUST BE UNIQUE else it has no real reason to be accepted.

No, because all atheists who use their common sense must also accept the unique proofs once represented to them by any follower of any religion once it is clear to them that such proof is impossible to be replicated naturally.

There are thousands of religions in the world and thousands of gods are being worshipped by those who claim that only their religion is true.

However, so far only Allah the God of religion Islam PRACTICALLY DEMONSTRATED hundreds of real physical miracles against the laws of physics in this world.

Those miracles have been remained impossible to defeat for all non-muslims who worship false gods since centuries.

Further, all fake gods have been remained unable to perform real world physical miracles like Allah of Islam has done for showing his name in Arabic اللہ through this physical tree and physical cloud in the Sky and the name of his last Prophet Muhammad in the Sky as well.

These are not random symbols but name of two personalities.

One is the universal creature of Mighty God and the one is Himself is the Holy Mighty King of Universe.

Prophet Muhammad is the LAST & FINAL Messenger of MIGHTY ALLAH (اللہ)

If there were any gods beside ALLAH the KING of universe they SHOULD have shown their own names CLEARLY VISIBLE through nature, and the name of those too who are being considered leaders of their religions and gods of non muslims should also be able to PREVENT Allah from doing such miracles in physical world.

Unable to do it is a real world practical proof that defies all laws of physics and debunk all scientists who claim that there is no God and also expose the lies of non muslims who has been promoting their fake gods in all over the world through their false scriptures.

Nature itself is self-sufficient and thus it does not require any scientific research paper.

Every human on planet earth, even an illiterate who does not know any theory of science can observe the nature and recognize their Lord "ALLAH" the Lord of all the worlds.

Indeed, Islam is the only true religion of the Lord of the worlds and there is no other religion which is acceptable near Him.

To Him belongs the Kingdom of the Heavens & the Earth.

Enter in Islam if you want to be saved from the painful punishment of the Hellfire that is prepared for the disbelievers of Allah and His last Prophet Muhammad (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم)

اللہ اکبر، الحمدللہ رب العالمین، اللہ واحد القہار

Date Published: May, 06 2023

Zeeshan Arshad

Zeeshan Arshad

Zeeshan Arshad is a #177 vWorker bestselling developer, freelancing expert, and host of The True God Show. Zeeshan writes and speaks on personal development, freelancing, religions, gods, spirituality, miracles and social issues. As an instructor at Udemy, the world's largest online learning platform, Zeeshan reaches 45k+ international students with his online courses. He has appeared on Interview Series sponsored by Rehan Foundation, Institute Of Peace and a part of Connected Pakistani and has been featured in book "Rules of Thumb", authored by Tom Parker, USA. Through his shows, articles, answers and videos, Zeeshan help people solve their confusions, problems and challenges.

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