No Physical and Spiritual Powers to Any DEAD Non-Muslim and Any DEAD Non-Sunni Muslim

DEAD Non-Muslims and DEAD Non-Sunni Muslims don't have any physical and spiritual powers after their death at all which is a neutral, observable, impartial, sensory, natural, materialistic, physical and invincible practical proof that their religions and beliefs were not true and acceptable near the real God of universe who provides physical and spiritual powers to all human beings in this physical world based on their efforts.


Their beliefs are rejected by ALLAH the KING of universe and one true God.
Their beliefs are not according to teachings of last Prophet Muhammad ﷺ of ALLAH.

Their beliefs couldn't provide them physical powers after their death.
Their beliefs couldn't provide them spiritual powers after their death.

Their beliefs couldn't protect their physical dead bodies.
Their beliefs couldn't protect their spiritual powers.

Their beliefs were based on their own imaginary thoughts.
Their beliefs were based on their own written books.

In life after death, they all are in painful punishment condition in their graves and samadhi.
While in life after death only pious Sunni-Muslims are in peaceful living condition in their graves.


DEAD Pious Sunni-Muslims have physical powers after their death which is practically proved with neutral, practical, impartial, observable, natural and invincible proofs by their fresh dead bodies without used any chemical after opening of their graves time to time throughout the history in this physical world.

See here -> practical proofs


DEAD Pious Sunni-Muslims have spiritual powers after their death which is practically proved by their spiritual powers on their shrines where they're performing and demonstrating it from their graves and thousands of Muslims and Non-Muslims, Sunni Muslims and Non-Sunni Muslims visit their shrines on daily basis time to time in this physical world.

See here -> practical proofs

So it has been practically proved forever in the light of neutral, observable, impartial, sensory, natural, materialistic, physical and invincible practical proofs that DEAD Non-Muslims and DEAD Non-Sunni Muslims don't have any physical and spiritual powers after their death at all because their beliefs, their religions, their claims, their teachings, their books, their lifestyles and their actions have been rejected by ALLAH the KING of universe and they didn't truly enter in Islam and didn't follow the last Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and went against the Holy Quran revealed to him by ALLAH the God of Islam and KING of the universe.

And ALLAH had declared His rules clearly for all the human beings (and jinn) of this universe in His direct words in Arabic language in the Holy Quran which can be understood through following translation of Quranic verses in English language.

Dear Non-Muslims And Atheists (Brothers and Sisters) of the World

Now, I ask that can anyone of you practically refute any verse of the Holy Quran which is listed below?

1) Only ISLAM is His True and Acceptable Religion

Do they seek some din (religion) other than Allah's? (Chapter 3, Verse 83)

Truly, Islam is the only Din (Religion) in Allah's sight. (Chapter 3, Verse 19)

Today I have perfected your Din (Religion) for you, and have completed My Blessing upon you, and have chosen for you Islam (as) Din (a complete code of life). (Chapter 5, Verse 3)

2) Other Religions and Beliefs Are Not Accepted

And whoever seeks a din (religion) other than Islam that shall not at all be accepted from him, and he will be amongst the losers in the Hereafter. (Chapter 3, Verse 85) 

3) Disbelievers Will Remain in Painful Punishment

Indeed, those who disbelieved (by concealing the truth), and left this world whilst they were disbelievers, upon them is the curse of Allah and of the angels and of all mankind. (Chapter 2, Verse 161)

Surely, those who disbelieved and died whilst they were disbelievers, if any of them offers an earthful of gold as ransom (for his salvation), that shall not be accepted from him at all. It is they for whom there is painful torment. And no helper will be possible for them. (Chapter 3, Verse 91)

4) Dead Bodies of Only True Pious Sunni Muslims Are Alive, Not Dead

And do not say about those who are slain in the cause of Allah that they are dead. (They are not dead.) They are rather alive but you have no perception (of their life). (Chapter 2, Verse 154)

5) Dead Bodies of All Non-Muslims (Atheists and Disbelievers) Are Dead, Not Alive

They are, [in fact], dead, not alive, and they do not perceive when they will be resurrected. (Chapter 16, Verse 21)

6) Souls of Only True Pious Sunni Muslims Are Served with Sustenance and Filled with Joy, The Rest Are Not

And do not (ever) think that those who are slain in the way of Allah are dead. Rather, they are alive in the presence of their Lord. They are served with sustenance (comprising bounties of Paradise). They rejoice in these (blessings of eternal life) that Allah has conferred on them of His bounty, and they also feel pleased (on finding) their successors (on the path of faith and obedience) who have not (yet) joined them, for they shall also have neither any fear nor any grief. They are filled with joy owing to the blessing (of divine disclosures of the nearness) of Allah and His bounty (i.e., the pleasures of meeting with Him), and (also) because Allah does not waste the reward of the believers. (Chapter 3, Verse 169-171)

7) ALLAH Will Show His Signs to the People of this World 

We will soon show them Our signs all around the world and in their own selves, until it dawns on them that indeed this is the truth. Is your Lord not Sufficient (to confirm your veracity), for He alone is (also) witness to everything? (Chapter 41, Verse 53)

And there comes to them no sign of the signs of their Lord but (that) they turn away from it. (Chapter 6, Verse 4)

8) There Are People Who Cannot Use Common Sense to Even Understand Practical & Absolute Proofs

And surely, We have created a large (number) of jinn and human beings for Hell: they have hearts (and minds but) cannot understand (the truth) with them; and they have eyes (but) cannot perceive (the truth) with them; and (also) they possess ears (but) cannot hear (the truth) with them. They are like cattle, rather more misguided (than them). It is they who are neglectful. (Chapter 7, Verse 179)

And who is a greater wrongdoer than one who was reminded of the signs of Allah, but he turned away from them and forgot those (evil deeds) which his hands had sent forward? Verily, We have cast veils over their hearts so that they may (not) understand this truth, and have plugged their ears with heaviness (so that they may not hear this truth). And if you invite them towards guidance, never ever will they take guidance. (Chapter 18, Verse 57)

9) People Who Don't Use Their Reasons Remain Under Impurity

And no soul has the capability to believe (on its own) without Allah’s leave. He (Allah) places the impurity of disbelief on those who do not put their reason to work (to grasp the truth). (Chapter 10, Verse 100)

10) People With No Intention to Seek the Truth Cannot Believe and Get Any Benefit

Say: ‘(Just) observe what signs of Allah’s might are there in (the boundless cosmos of) the heavens and the earth.’ (These) signs and (the Messengers) who warn the people (of Allah’s torment) cannot benefit those who have no intention to believe. (Chapter 10, Verse 101)

Date Published: Sep, 15 2020

Zeeshan Arshad

Zeeshan Arshad

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