How to Prevent War and Agree with Nature

Please stop wars among human beings in the world because all wars are religious and only one religion is acceptable near nature.

It is a reality and bitter truth that If there was only one religion in the world, there would not be wars in the world since centuries that is basic reason for poverty, illiteracy and destruction of innocent mankind of world whether they are Muslims or Non-Muslims.

  • All religions are not false near everyone and near nature too.

  • All religions are not acceptable near everyone and near nature too.

  • Only one religion should be acceptable near everyone and near nature too.

It means that we all human beings should agree with one religion and disagree with all other religions.

So here is a question that which one religion is acceptable near nature?

That is only religion Islam which is practically acceptable near nature.

Without a doubt, nature is 100% neutral. So we all human beings should see behavior of nature with followers of all religions of the world and we should accept behavior of nature with them.


I have practical proof that only dead bodies of true Sunni Muslim martyrs and they don't decay on earth in air and they remain in intact condition while dead bodies of all non-Muslims decay on earth in air if we leave them in intact condition.

So it has been practically proved through behavior of nature (air) that only religion Islam is acceptable near nature.


I have practical proof that earth doesn't consume dead bodies of true Sunni Muslim Martyrs and Sunni Muslims in their graves but it consumes the dead bodies of all kind of Non-Muslims in their graves.

It has been practically proved that only religion Islam is acceptable near nature (earth).

So I invite all non-Muslims of world to enter in Islam as soon as they can so only true religion Islam can remain in the world and all false religions can be finished and all human beings can be saved from religious wars which are basic reason for poverty, illiteracy and destruction of innocent mankind.

How can Muslims easily finish infidelity without wars by defeating Non-Muslim religious leaders on TV channels?

I invite Muslims of Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine ,Syria and Kashmir, etc to please challenge all Non-Muslim expert religious leaders to come on TV channels to debate with expert religious Muslim leaders on topic of "which religion is practically acceptable near nature (air and water) and which religion has power to provide the facilities of heaven to the dead bodies and souls of its followers in their graves?

I assure you that all Non-Muslim religious leaders will fail to answer these two questions in front of mankind of the world and then their followers will revert to Islam slowly and automatically then you Muslims will be saved from their hatred and killing too.

Please do it as soon as you can.

Date Published: Nov, 08 2019

Moulana Abrar Alam

Moulana Abrar Alam

Moulana Abrar Alam is the 21st century researcher, author of three urdu books, healer of magic & satan and Founder of the Hajira Spiritual Treatment Center. Abrar has been curnig the incurable patients for the last 20 years through his prayers, Islamic charity, worship and almsgiving by the Power of Allah. Abrar writes and speaks on gods, religions, peace, poverty and solutions for mankind. As an allegiance to Mufti Taqi Usmani, a leading scholar of Hadith, Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic finance, Abrar is a well experienced Muslim scholar of Quran and Hadith. He has appeared on Interview by Legendary Freelancer of Pakistan.

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