The Difference Between Imaginary Gods and Allah

Author: Muslim Man     1010     04/11/2019

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How can people of this world surely and practically know that God of Islam is real and gods of all other religions are imaginary and false?

If you research on result after death of religious followers, it will be revealed to you that only Allah (God of Islam) is controlling life and death of all people of all religions.

Without human intervention, He decomposes dead bodies of all non Muslims and bad Muslims while He preserves dead bodies of good Muslims in healthy and sleep-like condition.

He gave power and permission to soul of a dead Muslim martyr "Shah Yaqeeq Baba" to perform medical operations and treatment of incurable diseases for patients.

You can search “Shah Yaqeeq Baba” on Google for Pakistani TV channel and newspaper reports including BBC Urdu news.

These practical results tell that only God of Islam controls the universe because only He changed laws of nature for good dead Muslims while gods of non-Muslims never changed laws of nature for their dead followers.

Even bad Muslims have no physical and spiritual power after they die, because they disobey Allah in their lives.

It is practically proved that all non-Muslims follow imaginary gods.

Why all dead non-Muslims are unable to have physical and spiritual powers if they followed any true God according to their claims in life?

Looking for a true god more than what is needed for humans seeking truth without religious books?