Can We Open Grave and Show Fresh Dead Body of Muslim Martyr for Inviting Non-Muslims to Islam or Not?

Author: Moulana Abrar Alam     2179     09/13/2018

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The fresh dead bodies of true Muslims can be shown by opening graves to Non-Muslims, if disbelievers want to be Muslim.

With following events, it is proven to:

  • open the grave for the identification of the suspect on order of the magistrate 
  • open grave to know the truth
  • Look at the dead body of female by strangers
  • Cut some part of the Muslim body for medical examination 

When done according to law, it can be done for minor cruelty, why not to solve the problems of the world and to prevent wars?

By this method, Non-Muslims will become Muslim and thus will solve the problems of the world and they will also be saved from punishment of the grave.