Extremism of Hypocrisy by Majority of Muslims, Non-Muslims and Evil Media

Author: Muslim Man     2307     11/09/2017

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If this dead Muslim is not showing practical power on truth of his God "Allah" by doing surgeries and treatments of disappointed patients, then what else is he doing?

Where have billions of Non-Muslims gone who claim existence of their gods and their powers? Where have millions of Atheists gone who deny existence of God of Islam "Allah"?

I'm seeing that not even dead non-Muslims but also alive non-Muslims and Muslims doctors are unable to perform surgeries of disappointed medical patients without using their scientific equipment and machines.

What is the reason that media channel teams, newspaper teams, international news teams and common public who love to expose fake magicians, fake news and fraud are forced to describe feat of this dead Muslim instead of exposing him?

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All Muslims, non-Muslims and Atheists who deny all proof and evidences on power of this dead Muslim, what have stopped you to expose and disprove power of this dead Muslim in front of world?

Some Muslims (particularly the Salafis and Ahl al-Hadith) say that surgeries and treatments are being done by evils on shrine of this dead Muslims for Shirk (worship and obey evils).

So, I ask that why don't you all come to recite Quranic verses and rituals to eradicate all evils from this base of Shirk and establish flag of God "Allah"?

Why are all evils in the world unable to perform surgeries and treatments of disappointed patients on graves of billions of dead non-Muslims and graves of common dead Muslims?

Come all of you and prove that media reports, newspaper reports and public reports about this dead Muslim are false in any court and take One Million PKR from me as reward. If you couldn't prove it false then you will pay One Million PKR to me as a penalty of wasting my time.

If there is any daring son of a man who would like to expose this dead Muslim then he has lifetime duration from me.

Remember, this one true dead follower of religion of Islam is not just powerful over all dead non-Muslims but also powerful over all alive non-Muslims.

And the name of this dead Muslim is "Spiritual Surgeon Shah Yaqeeq Baba"