How Can We Stop Terrorism, Killing, Wars, Poverty and Illiteracy from the World Permanently?

Author: Moulana Abrar Alam     2090     05/23/2017

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The answer to this question is very easy if billions of poor people of the world only become sincere for researching the name of real God.

According to all religious books the God is only one.

So, we all poor human beings (Muslims and Non-Muslims) should accept the God who has practical control over nature (e.g. Fire, Water, Earth, Air) and reject all other (imaginary) Gods who have no control over nature.

Presence of concept of many Gods in the world is major reason of terrorism, killing and wars that is causing poverty and poverty is the reason for our all problems.

If we poor people of the world did not do it, then we will pass our lives like animals and we will remain servant of rich people forever. According to my neutral research, I have practical proofs that only God of Islam "Almighty Allah" has control over nature.

So, I request that you all poor people of world to accept "Islam" as soon as you can so that new and good Muslims can be in majority in the world and your above major problems can be solved permanently.