Clear, Practical and Observable After-Death Proofs on Truth of Islam

Author: Moulana Abrar Alam     2321     03/08/2017

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It is an important message forever for all people of the world.

1) Dead bodies of true Muslim martyrs remain fresh with blood without use of chemicals while dead bodies of Non-Muslim martyrs do not remain immune to decay without use of chemicals and blood does not remain in them too for even some hours.

2) Soul of True Muslim martyrs also does surgery & operations of alive patients such as soul of "Shah Yqaeeq Baba" has been doing it since centuries (his address & map: Village Chuhar Jamali, District Thatta, Province Sindh, Pakistan - Google Map Coordinates: Latitude: 24.346 Longitude: 68.03) while souls of dead Non-Muslims cannot do surgery & operations of alive patients.

3) Muslims and Non-Muslims have been visiting shrines of Muslim martyrs and saints since centuries. They stay there for a week or months to get blessings and cure while not even Muslims, but as well as Non-Muslims too don't go to graves of Non-Muslims and stay for a week or months to get blessings and cure.

4) Surprisingly, both Muslims and Non-Muslims don't go to graves of normal Muslims to get blessings and cure. They don't stay there too for some days, weeks or months.

I can prove all above claims in any court of the world. If I couldn't prove, then publicly crucify me. Now, Muslims and Non-Muslims think that is there any other clear, practical and observable proof on truth of Islam than this? Why is this all happening?

Do think yourself and discover the reasons or contact us.