How to Spot One True God and End Wars in 30 Days

Author: Moulana Abrar Alam     2860     12/25/2015

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How can all human beings of the world research about real God creator and see his perceptible act within only 30 days so that all kinds of religious wars can be stopped which are basic reason of poverty, illiteracy and destruction of innocent people whether they are Muslims or Non-Muslims?

The perfect and easiest way for it is that either United Nations ( of non-Muslims (they have resources) or we at Religious United Nations Pakistan ( (if Muslims support us) announce in whole world for three months that:

"O, 7 billion people of world! Please don't bury dead bodies under Earth or don't burn them in Fire or don't throw them in Rivers, but leave them on the Earth in intact condition only for 30 days and, then inform us about whose dead bodies did not begin to decay so that world media can live stream them to the world and it can be seen by billions of people."

By this way, all human beings will know exactly whose God is real and creator of universe and whose Gods are imaginary. How? All those dead bodies that began to decay, their Gods were imaginary and fabricated because they had no control over nature. And, all those dead bodies that didn't begin to decay in 30 days too, their God is real God creator who has full control over nature.

So, if you want to save billions of people from destruction of religious wars, then please either help me for announcement purpose or do it yourself.

~ Moulana Abrar Alam
Chairman Religious United Nations Pakistan
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