Do You Believe in No God or Your God(s)?

Author: Moulana Abrar Alam     1849     12/22/2015

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Atheists deny God and non-Muslims believe in their claimed God(s). However, the truth is different so now I ask three questions about God the creator of universe in the light of wisdom and natural proofs.

No God?

Question # 1: If there is no God, then who saved prophet of Islam Abraham (PBUH) from burning in Fire as it is stated in Holy Quran (chapter 21, verse 69 and chapter 29, verse 24) and who preserved millions of fresh dead bodies of prophets of Islam from Adam to last prophet Muhammad, companions of Muhammad, Muslim Martyrs, Muslim Saints and true Muslims (peace be upon them all) in their graves since centuries?

See the proofs and evidence on it here.

Many Gods?

Question # 2: If there is a God who created this Universe, then who really is that God?

God of Islam (Almighty Allah) or Gods of Hindus or God of Jews (Moses) or God of Christians (Jesus or his God Father) or God of Buddhists or God of Sikhs, etc?

According to my neutral research only the God of Islam Almighty Allah created this universe because universe and nature like Sun, Moon, Stars, Sky, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Seas, Mountains, Trees, Animals, etc are in control of God of Islam Almighty Allah or only His true followers.

You will not find any Non-Muslim who can practically prove that nature like Fire, Water, Earth and Air, etc are in control of their imaginary gods or in his/her control.

One God?

Question # 3: If there is only ONE true God, then why are we divided in Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Christians, Buddhists and Sikhs, etc?

In real, the true God is only one as I have stated before and all religious books say this too. Therefore, we don't see signs of sharing and partnership of many Gods in universe (e.g. Sky, Sun, Moon, Mountains, Seas, etc.) but non-Muslim religious leaders modified their religious books and divided us.

So, please use your wisdom, common sense, intelligence and have faith in Allah the God of Islam before you die.