Opening the Grave of Prophet Muhammad for non-Muslims

Author: Moulana Abrar Alam     5428     12/18/2015

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Many non-Muslims ask a nonsense question by demanding to open grave of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) but not to open graves of his true followers. This is possible for us and I want to answer your nonsense demand.

I know why do you demand to open the grave of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and why you do not demand to open the graves of his followers. You think that Government of Saudi Arabia will not agree for it and then you all non-Muslims will be saved from converting to Islam or being defeated?

But, you don't know that I will spiritually request to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to order the Government of Saudi Arabia to open his grave and show his preserved, healthy and flexible fresh dead body through world media so don't think that it is a problem for us.

So, announce through world media that five billion non-Muslims of world will accept the Islam if we opened the grave of prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and showed his preserved fresh dead body in intact condition since 1400+ years.

Now, if you don't announce on world media then how all non-Muslims will be able to see his fresh dead body or know about it or how will they convert to Islam?

I ask now are you ready for it?

If yes, then announce and ask the non-Muslims of world that will they convert to Islam or not?