Non-Muslims are Followers of Imaginary Gods

If you ask an average non-Muslim (or even a non-Muslim religious or spiritual master) what is the observable and absolute proof on existence of their God he/she will tell you something based on imagination but no practical proof. However, we Muslims have solid observable natural proofs on existence of real God Allah.

Non-Islam is based on imaginary gods which only exists in the mind of their followers, and such claimed gods have no existence in real because any non-Muslim cannot go in fire and do not burn in it, cannot have a dead body in fresh condition with blood and lose all physical and spiritual powers after death so unable to treat any disappointed medical patient too.

Non-Muslims shoud have physical and spiritual powers after death toobut they don't.

This leaded us into learning that Christians, Hindus, Jews, Sikhs, Buddhists, and others have no real God on their support at all.

Therefore, following are practical and observable test which are proven fact by true Muslims. So, Non-Muslims must be able to refute them with the help of their gods if they really exist (but they don't).

  1. Non-Muslim must practically go in fire with a true Muslim (we have him) without any chemicals used on bodies and should not burn in it.

  2. Non-Muslim must practically prove a fresh dead body with blood without any human intervention and chemicals etc.

  3. Non-Muslim must practically prove a dead Non-Muslim who has been treating disappointed medical patients.

Until now (since 2009), there is not even a single Non-Muslim to perform above practical challenges.

Therefore, this fact revealed to us logically and practically that Non-Muslims are following imagined gods (thus, having no control over nature and law of universe), except God of Islam Allah who can change law of nature in competition.


  1. True Muslim can go in fire without any chemicals used on body and will not burn in it during competition of Islam vs Non-Islam (some true Muslims did it in past too) by the support of Allah.

  2. True Muslims dead bodies remain fresh (with blood too) by order of Allah.

  3. True Muslim (Shah Aqeeq Baba) have been treating disappointed medical patients by permission of Allah.

This proves that all other gods except Allah are imaginary and exists in the mind, nowhere else.

If not, then why isn't there any single Non-Muslim to accept practical challenge?

Think about it wisely.

Date Published: Dec 15, 2015

Zeeshan Arshad

Zeeshan Arshad

Zeeshan Arshad is a #177 vWorker bestselling developer, freelancing expert, and host of The True God Show. Zeeshan writes and speaks on personal development, freelancing, religions, gods, spirituality, miracles and social issues. As an instructor at Udemy, the world's largest online learning platform, Zeeshan reaches 45k+ international students with his online courses. He has appeared on Interview Series sponsored by Rehan Foundation, Institute Of Peace and a part of Connected Pakistani and has been featured in book "Rules of Thumb", authored by Tom Parker, USA. Through his shows, articles, answers and videos, Zeeshan help people solve their confusions, problems and challenges.

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