3 Ultimate Methods to Discover One True Religion

Author: Moulana Abrar Alam     6472     05/26/2014

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There are many religions in the world and it is impossible to know which religion is surely 100% true. Due to existence of many religions at a time, we all human beings hate each other, become enemies to each other and wars are happening. Trillions of dollars are spent on these wars to kill human beings including women and innocent children. Economy collapse due to expenses on war and this is the absolute reason of poverty, illiteracy, crimes and diseases in the world. If there were only one religion in world it could become like Paradise while currently it is a sample of Hell.

So, we 7 billion human beings should find one true religion together and stop following false religions for the benefit of all of us. Only true religion will benefit us after death. False religion is not our father or mother that we support it and let all of us die. If we didn't make one religion for the world then it could become doomsday and none of us will be saved because there are more than 10,000 nuclear bombs in the world at this time that can destroy this whole world.

Therefore, I have 3 ultimate and irrefutable methods to find out one true religion.

First Method to Find True Religion

We will set up a big ground full of woods and burn it. From every religion at least one follower will enter in this fire without using any chemicals on his/her body. Whoever is immune to burn in fire, his God and religion will be accepted true and all burning people will be proved false.

Second Method to Find True Religion

With the help of United Nations, gather at least 10 expert religious leaders from all religions and ask them to bring natural, neutral, irrefutable and perceptible proofs & evidence on truth of their religion in front of world media to 10 judges. Whoever will bring these proofs, their religion will be proved true and all the rest will be proved false.

Third Method to Find True Religion

Keep the dead body of a person of all religions on the Earth without using any chemicals on the body after his death. The religion of person who remains in fresh condition with fresh blood will be proved true and all the rest who decay will be proved false.

Are Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jew, Sikh, etc agree to go with above methods to find out one true religion?

If no follower of all religions agree on any above methods then it will be clear proof that their religion is false and they cannot prove it true. So all followers of that religion should leave that religion as soon as possible and save their afterlife.

Is there any good and sincere human in the world who can arrange a ground with woods for me so I can find true religion for 7 billion human beings and finish all false religions that are responsible for the hatred and wars among human beings?

If you are such person, then kindly contact me so we can save 7 billion human beings from false religions, wars, poverty and illiteracy. We can be saved from future atomic war and make this world like a Paradise with peace.