Why Do You Support Your Religion if Natures Do Not Support it?

Author: Moulana Abrar Alam     3117     05/10/2014

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Foolish people don’t see the truth of any religions by natures but they see the behavior of followers of any religions and reject them while all followers of any religions cannot be perfect.

You should not blindly support any thinking, logic, gods, books, beliefs and lifestyles of any religions.

First of all, you should study and observe the behavior of natures with them because the natures are neutral judges like a judge in court among many religions. 

So, if natures (Earth, Fire, Air, Water, etc) support any religion you should also support and accept that religion otherwise you should reject it.

Why should we hate a religion or kill anyone if natures are supporting them? And why should we support anyone if natures do not support their logic, thinking, gods, books, beliefs and lifestyles?

Study the research on natural, neutral and irrefutable proofs:

Natural Proofs by Earth, Fire, Air and Water
Perceptible and Irrefutable Proof with Verification Methods