Who is Stupid, Nonsense and Religious Intransigent?

Author: Moulana Abrar Alam     4465     11/13/2013

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Suppose that I didn't go to the country "America" and didn't see it with my eyes, but there are many TV channels, newspapers and eyewitnesses who reported that there is a country "America" in world, and some of my students who live there also told me on phone that there is a country "America" in world. After knowing it all, it is necessary for me that I believe and have faith on existence of country "America" in world.

Now, if I reject all the news, reports of eyewitnesses and sayings of my students, then all human beings will say that I am stupid, nonsense and intransigent and their remarks will be right too because it was my duty that either I research about existence of America or trust on news of TV channels, news papers and eyewitnesses.

Similarly, I researched that there are millions preserved dead bodies of companions of last prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Muslim Martyrs and saints in fresh and sleeping conditions since the time of last prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

So, I request to all Muslims and Non-Muslims that they either research about our research, reports and eyewitnesses that are given in our web site (www.rightfulreligion.com) or trust on my research and news. Otherwise, I will be right in my remarks about them that they are stupid, nonsense and religious intransigents.