70 Religious Leaders Can Solve Problems of the World

Author: Moulana Abrar Alam     3157     09/15/2013

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There are seven powerful and famous religions in world such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism and Parsism. I have said in my many articles that presence of many religions at a time in world is the real reason of all major problems of world such as unmerciful condition, suicide, bomb blasts, wars among countries, atomic wars, poverty and illiteracy. So it is very necessary that we all mankind choose the only one true religion forever from these various religions so that we can finish the reason of above problems of world and make this world like a paradise and we will also be able to enter in Paradise hereafter by following the true religion.

The way for this is that every religion from these religions has at least 10 top religious leaders who have social power and they are the translator of their religions.

So, if we all human beings gather at least 70 top religious leaders on platform of Religious United Nations and request them to choose one true religion in the light of undeniable proofs & evidence from these religions in supreme court of world in front of media. I am sure if they agree on this plan, we can succeed in making this world like a paradise for sure as I have said above. Therefore, my saying is that seven hundred religious leaders can solve the all problems of world.

So, top religious leaders of these seven religions should accept this plan and should help mankind with it because it is perfect that they all also claim that all religions are not true and all religions are not false, but only one is true and rightful near the God who created this universe. It means that followers of other six religions who are at least five billion, following the wrong religions, and by this reason they will not enter in heaven hereafter in their second life, if they die on wrong religion and to suffer problems in this world is an extra burden.

So, those people, leaders, armies, parties and governments who agree with us or have any questions about above plan, please contact us to serve the human beings and make this world like a paradise, we will be very thankful to them.