How Presence of Many Religions Destroyed Us

Author: Moulana Abrar Alam     3216     09/15/2013

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It is a reality that we cannot establish the peace in world forever, we cannot stop the atomic and other world wars forever, we cannot finish the poverty from the world forever, we cannot finish the illiteracy from the world forever until we establish the only one religion that is true and rightful near the God who created this universe.

So if we all mankind want to solve the above important problems of world, then we should gather all top religious leaders from all major religions of the world at the platform of "Religious United Nations" so that they can choose the only one religion that is true and rightful from various religions in world because the presence of many religions at a time destroyed the human beings.

Otherwise those who want to solve above problems of world, they will not succeed in these purposes, and all their strives will be temporary. For more details please study our web site.

If you agree with my above thinking, which is a reality, then contact me and help me what you can.