Conversion of Shadi Deo Supremo of all Hindu Temples to Islam

Shadi Deo was the Supremo of all the temples in Ajmer.

He lived in Jadu Shadi Mandir and was a great learned man of Hinduism.

He had a great influence on all the Hindus.

When he saw poor attendance in the temples, he got furious but was very much worried also. On the other hand, the priests of temples also made him opposed to Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti (R.A). Thus Shadi Deo along with colleagues and followers came to face Khwaja Sahib.

Their intentions were bad and they wanted to harm him. But Khwaja Sahib's one look changed their hearts and Shadi Deo fell on his feet and repented.

He accepted Islam. He was named as Saad.

Most of his fellow-beings also repented and accepted Islam.

The entire episode gave a jolt to the city and it made Prithviraj worried much.

Date Published: Aug, 21 2013

Zeeshan Arshad

Zeeshan Arshad

Zeeshan Arshad is a #177 vWorker bestselling developer, freelancing expert, and host of The True God Show. Zeeshan writes and speaks on personal development, freelancing, religions, gods, spirituality, miracles and social issues. As an instructor at Udemy, the world's largest online learning platform, Zeeshan reaches 45k+ international students with his online courses. He has appeared on Interview Series sponsored by Rehan Foundation, Institute Of Peace and a part of Connected Pakistani and has been featured in book "Rules of Thumb", authored by Tom Parker, USA. Through his shows, articles, answers and videos, Zeeshan help people solve their confusions, problems and challenges.

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