3 Undeniable Realities You Should Think About

The majority of human beings don't use common sense and they follow any type of book, any kind of religious or spiritual leader without checking and verifying whether they are correct or wrong. Therefore, there are many problems in the world for majority of people in the world and they will face painful punishment hereafter too.

I described here some undeniable realities, but no one in the world accepted or responded well about it yet because they are under pressure by wrong leaders, logic, magic, books, articles, examples, etc. They don't use their own wisdom and intelligence. Are you going to use your wisdom and common sense?

There is a question how we all human beings can solve the problems of the world and how can we save humans from the hell after death? Here are some realities with undeniable solution, study them deeply and neutrally so you can find the rightful path.

Reality # 1: Seven Famous Religions

No Doubt that there are seven famous religions in world which are Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Parsiism. According to my research, the followers and religious leaders of all religions claim that all religions are not true, all these religions are not false, but only one of them is true and rightful near the God who created this universe - theirs.

It means that the followers of other six religions are following the wrong religions, and by this reason they will not enter in heaven hereafter in their forever life if they die on wrong religion and there are many problems in this world too due to religions. E.g. wars among countries, poverty and illiteracy.

It is an undeniable reality, but none of us preparing to collect all expert and top religious leaders from all religions to sit together and prove that one true religion that is true near the God with undeniable proofs and evidence and announce it through media for all humans.

Reality # 2: Wars, Poverty, Illiteracy, Atomic Weapons, Bombs due to Religions

We can't establish peace in world forever, we can't stop bomb blast forever, we can't stop current wars among countries, and future atomic war forever, we can't finish poverty from the world forever, we can't finish illiteracy from the world forever, and we can't solve the other big and important problems of all human beings unless we define and declare to establish only one true religion for all human beings and finish all other cancelled, incomplete or wrong religions from the world forever.

It is also an undeniable reality, but no religious leader is ready for it, while the world is going to be destroyed by third atomic world war and gathering all top religious leaders to prove one true religion with undeniable proof and evidence is an easiest and best way forever to solve the above world problems than wasting about 70% income of human beings of a country in wars and preparation of atomic weapons and bombs, etc.

The reason is expert and famous religious leaders of all famous seven religions could be maximum seven hundred, so collect them at one place in front of media is surely the easiest method than murdering and destroying millions of men, women, and children or spread diseases and illness for their upcoming generation.

Reality # 3: Enter in Fire in front of Media

There are some Muslim saints ready to enter in a big fire without using any chemicals on their bodies to prove the truth of religion Islam, but I did not find any Non-Muslim religious or spiritual leader who is ready to enter in big fire with these Muslim saints without used any chemicals on his body to prove the truth of his religion.

Use your common sense, if your religious leader teaches and claims you that your religion is true and the God is happy from you, then why your religious leader or any followers don't want to go in fire to prove the religion you believe in?

The fire is surely a nature and controlled by God. It is a neutral judge. Only follower of true religion can remain immune in fire while all false religions leaders or followers cannot even enter in fire otherwise they will surely burn.

May the God bless and guide you to his true path if you are seeking truth with open mind and heart.

Date Published: Aug, 07 2013

Moulana Abrar Alam

Moulana Abrar Alam

Moulana Abrar Alam is the 21st century researcher, author of three urdu books, healer of magic & satan and Founder of the Hajira Spiritual Treatment Center. Abrar has been curnig the incurable patients for the last 20 years through his prayers, Islamic charity, worship and almsgiving by the Power of Allah. Abrar writes and speaks on gods, religions, peace, poverty and solutions for mankind. As an allegiance to Mufti Taqi Usmani, a leading scholar of Hadith, Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic finance, Abrar is a well experienced Muslim scholar of Quran and Hadith. He has appeared on Interview by Legendary Freelancer of Pakistan.

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