Surprising Reality You Were Never Told

Author: Muslim Man     3091     05/26/2013

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There are millions of fresh dead bodies of all Prophets of Islam from Adam to Muhammad (except Jesus Christ because he is alive and will return before the Doomsday), all Muslim Martyrs who were killed in the way of God (Allah) and other true Muslims in their graves under the Earth in fresh and sleep-like condition with fresh blood without used any chemical for their protection since centuries and years.

But, there is NO protected dead body of any Christian, Jew, Hindu and other religions followers after arrival of Islam for more than 1400 years until now (and forever), in fresh and sleep-like condition with fresh blood without used any chemical.

It's natural process that dead body will start decay after death unless protected by chemicals or embalming methods. However, Allah (the God) protects his true followers of Islam (true religion) in fresh and sleep-like condition to show acceptence of their deeds. This is a miracle sign for people to regret and accept Islam who do not believe that Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is his true messenger. 

Allah is clearly decomposing dead bodies of corrupt Muslims (they don't truly follow Islam), Non-Muslims (following cancelled religions) and Animals (have no religion at all) to show that every decomposed body had no value to be cared.

Don't believe it? Check graveyards of Muslims and Non-Muslims in your own country OR our researched locations given on this website. You can further research and investigate with your own medical experts and media team!