Fresh Dead Body of Moulana Ashiq Elahi Merathi in Saudi Arabia

Author: Moulana Abrar Alam     14708     11/09/2009


There is a protected dead body of a famous Muslim scholar Moulana Ashiq Elahi merathi (May Allah creator bless on him) in the Jannatul Baqee (which the holy cemetery of Madina in Saudi Arabia). I informed about this event  by a reliable friend of mine, that his grave when opened after three years according the role of Saudi Arabia Government his dead body has found in protected condition, after three years they opened again to check that his dead body has protected or no? It is wonderful that his dead body was protected.

The Jannatul Baqee cemetery is in a boundary and it is not the enough for a lot majority of Muslims dead bodies so they check the all graves after all three years. If they find any grave empty that its dead body has decayed then they use that grave for other new dead body and if they do not find any grave empty from the dead body because the dead body protected, they do not use that grave for another dead body, but they check that grave after three years again, if they find that it is not empty and there is the protected dead body, they sign on that grave and do not open that grave in future. By this role they opened the grave of Moulana Ashiq Elahi Merathi to check his grave that his dead body has decayed or no?

The information about this role of Saudi Government reached me by my above friend and it is understood. But if any body has doubt about this event, he can ask the grave digger of cemetery of Jannatul Baqee, he will satisfied by the mercy of Allah greatest, but it is possible that he will know about more protected dead bodies of Muslims.

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