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If you want to get involved with, this is the place to be.

Whether you are a reporter, journalist, tv anchor, host of any program, computer professional, copy writer, designer or digital marketer, there are many different ways for you to get involved with for the Glory of Islam.

For TV Channels

You can interview us, share our natural research, speak about our practical proofs on truth of religion Islam.

For Graphics / Multimedia Specialists

Create YouTube videos, voice over, whiteboard animations, infographics or cinematic movies based on our research.

For Common Muslims

Share our research and practical proofs with non-Muslim brothers & sisters to help them know the truth of Islam.

For Islamic Scholars / Preachers

Use our practical proofs and irrefutable miracles of Allah for proving truth of religion Islam without religious books.

For Website Owners

Feel free to re-purpose any of our research, article, miracle or piece of knowledge on your website without permission.

For Investors

Advertise practical and irrefutable miracles of Allah through newspapers and tv channels of the world.

Dear Friends of Islam

Our brothers and sisters have been oppressed, slashed, shot and rammed to death in all over the world while we are living and enjoying the comforts and luxuries at our homes. Young parents have been brutally executed in front of their children. The elderly -- murdered in cold blood. Even innocent babies and children have been brutally killed but the Governments of the non-Muslims and United Nations are doing nothing to stop this all and mainstream media is silent. It has become such that we have become immune to hearing such afflictions. It has become such that we find it hard to shed even one tear.

Enemies of Islam Work Together!

If non-Muslims can work together against Islam and support each others then why cannot we support each others? We need your help so this moment, even your small favor is powerful in this support for letting me stand, for example;

1) If you help ten households for teaching them, then it is better to use your money in my mission as it will help millions of households for teaching.

2) If you help ten poor families, then only they would benefit from it, but if you put the same amount of money in my mission, then it will help millions of poor families.

3) Similarly, if you spend money to save life of ten Muslims so the life of only ten will be saved, but if you spend money in my mission, then millions of Muslims' children, women and victims' lives would be saved.

Your Rewards are Unlimited by Allah:

He who saves a life will be as if he had saved the lives of all humankind.

A Muslim is a brother of Muslim, he neither wrongs him nor does hand him over to one who does him wrong. If anyone fulfills his brother’s needs, Allah will fulfill his needs; if one relieves a Muslim of his troubles, Allah will relieve his troubles on the Day of Resurrection.

So, my Muslim brothers and sisters please help me in this important mission with your contribution because even $1 makes a huge difference and then our problems would be solved by the mercy of Almighty Allah.

Your Human & Islamic Brother,

Moulana Abrar Alam Pakistani
Chairman Religious United Nations