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The saint Masih and his saintly mother in Holy Quran


There is no doubt that son of Maryam messenger Masih was a very powerful saint by the mercy of God and his permission. I would like to mention some verses of holy Quran that you can judge that how the holy Quran respect him and his power. But after it all he was not a God or son of God but He was a messenger only like Noah and Abraham.
Allah says in

Surah 3 verse no 45 , 46 :
(  remember the time ) when the angels said : O Maryam, Allah gives you the good news of a word from Him , whose name is Masih, Isa , the son of Maryam , a man of status in this world and in the hereafter, and one of those who are near ( to Allah).”

He shall speak to people while (he is still) in the cradle, and also later when he is in mature age, and he shall be one of the righteous.
 Allah says in

Surah no 5 verse no 110 :
“(call to mind the time) when Allah will say : o Isa, son of Maryam, remember my blessing on you and upon your mother , when I supported you with the holy sprit you spoke to people when you were still in the cradle and when you grew to middle age. I taught you the book and wisdom, the Torah, and the Injil. You created from clay something in the shape of a bird by my leave, then you blew on it, and it became a bird by my leave. And you cured those born blind and lepers by my leave. And you raised the dead body by my leave. and I kept away  the children of Israel from ( harming ) you when you came to them  with clear signs,  and the disbelievers among them said,  This is nothing but a clear magic.”

In above verses you have studied the many dads of   messenger Masih son of Maryam but its all were by the permission of God. So how any body can say that he was a god or part of God? If you accept that holy Quran is really verses of God Almighty then you will accept also what it said in above and if you will not accept the Holy Quran as verses of God then read the challenge of the Holy Quran in above and answer its challenge please.

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