Details on Religions (A Guide Written in 2009)

NOTE: This guide was written in 2009 when was launched. Study here our new complete wonderful research of 21st century in the light of nature.

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Why the religions before the Islam have cancelled?


According to my research and thinking in the light of holy Quran teaches all religions before the Islam has changed by the mankind after passing thousands years because Allah has not promised to protect those religions forever and   was for short and limited period only.

Therefore there are many messengers of Allah from the first man and first prophet Adam (peace be upon him) to prophet messiah son of Mary, and there are many differences among their religious teaches. The reason of these differences is that orders of Allah and his guidance had reached to prophets slowly in different parts.

So when the religion Islam has completed by the last prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) Allah has cancelled all those religions before it. The proof of this is in

Surah no 3 verse no 85
“Whoever seeks a faith other than Islam, it will never be acceptable from him, and he, in the hereafter, will among the losers.”

And the proof that all religions before the Islam has changed by the Mankind as saying of Allah in

Surah no 5 verse no 75
“The Masih, son of Maryam, is no more than a messenger. There have been Messengers before him. His mother was very truthful. Both of them used to eat food. Look how we explain signs to them, then see how far they are turned away.”

This verse only is the greatest and undeniable proof against all changed or cancelled religions because in all religions except Islam is concept of worshiping the mankind and it is wrong because the worship should be only for Allah not for mankind but for any prophet too. Because they are from us (although they are saint righteous) and the proof on it is that they need to use the eat food as it said about the messenger Masih (peace be upon him) who have need to eat food. So the all religions are cancelled because in all is worshiping the mankind not for Almighty Allah who created this universe.

And in this verse is proof also that Masih is a messenger only as other messengers. Because he and his mother Maryam used to eat earthly food, so they can not God or part of Got because those who will use the eat food they can not God. Because it is sure that Allah has no need to eat earthly food.


Because the purpose of eating food is enjoyment or to feed the body (which is based on blood, bones, flesh and soul) and Allah is free from all these things. So we can say that the Masih is not a God or son of God as he had the body of a normal human being and as he used to eat food. So we have known that the religion Christians has changed by the mankind and therefore it has cancelled by Almighty Allah. Because in this religion is concept that Masih son of Maryam is Allah or son of Allah. The messenger Masih and his mother Maryam both they used to eat food. So the Masih can not be God or son of God because it is surely that the Allah does not need to eat earthly food .The proof of it is that He has not the body like mankind as it has mentioned in above and the Holy Quran says also in

Surah no 6 verse no 14:
“say, would I take as guardian someone other than Allah Who is the creator of the heavens and the earth, and Who feeds others, and is not fed by anyone?”

In this verse clearly Allah has said that He has not need to eat earthly food. So it has cleared that religion Christians has changed by the mankind so it cancelled by the Almighty Allah and therefore Allah is not Happy from those who follow this religion as it has mentioned in above verse. According to my knowledge and research in all  religions  before the Islam  is concept to worshipping  the mankind or demons which  is wrong and very  bad  to Allah. Please study the

Surah no 5 verse no 75 :
“and think. You will see that Allah how is angry on those who has faith on worship of mankind or other things?”

So Allah has cancelled the all religions before the Islam and ordered to the mankind and demons to follow this religion Islam only forever.  Allah says in

Surah no 5 verse no 17 :
“Certainly, infidels are those who say : Allah is  Masih, son of Maryam , Say : who  then  has the power to do anything against  Allah, if he wills to eliminate the Masih son of Maryam  and his mother and all those on earth?”

This verse clearly has rejected the worshipping the messenger Masih son of Maryam.

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