Details on Religions (A Guide Written in 2009)

NOTE: This guide was written in 2009 when was launched. Study here our new complete wonderful research of 21st century in the light of nature.

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What will you say about those Muslims


What will you say about those Muslims whose dead bodies have protected in their graves under the earth in fresh and sleeping condition without use any chemical on their dead bodies since centuries and years  that they are Successful in this world and hereafter also or no?  I think that your answer will be yes. Because it is perfect that the earth has not capacity to protect the dead bodies as we see that there are a majority of corrupt Muslims and non-Muslims also whose dead bodies have not protected under the Earth and their dead bodies start to decay in some weeks only.

So Allah is the greatest protector of the dead bodies of some Muslims under the Earth. It is really as a miracle for the non-Muslims and other corrupt Muslims that they can learn a lesson from their protected dead bodies if they want and these events are  proof also that Allah is pleasure and satisfy  from their faith on holy Quran and good acts according the religion Islam and protection their dead bodies is a sign for their realities and friends that they are successful in this world and will be successful hereafter too that they can feel pleasure and happiness and do not think about them that how they will be after the death in their second life? Because when his Allah greatest protects their dead bodies in this world while it is an impossible doing we can hope that He will help them in another world also and He will not punish them.

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