Details on Religions (A Guide Written in 2009)

NOTE: This guide was written in 2009 when was launched. Study here our new complete wonderful research of 21st century in the light of nature.

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The deference among the religions destroyed the Mankind


The deference among the religions has been destroying the mankind since the Islam came completely until this time. Because many wars happened by the deference among the religions. I will not go in details at this time that how many children became orphans, how many ladies became widows, how many people murdered by these religious wars and how much money spent in it? I think that money spent in the religious wars and at this time also all countries what spending the much more money for preparing the wars if they spend this money for ending the poorness from the world this amount will be enough for this purpose.

So we should end this religious deference and research the only one rightful religion near to Allah (who has created this universe) but it will be possible when we all mankind will strive neutrally, for find the really way of Allah, for find the pleasure of only one God, for serve the mankind particularly the orphans, bedews, patients and for secure this world from destroying as I have said in above that the many wars among the mankind is by the deference in religions.

Who helps me for these purposes?

So I call the all mankind of all religions to help me for these purposes and research about what I have researched about the rightful religion that they discuss with me this topic by the electronic and print media on the international plate forum if they agree with my thinking and ideas. I will be very thankful for them and I will wait that that helps me for these purposes. If they will not help me and will not research the rightful religion and what I have said in this document then it will be clear on that there is not any person who have knowledge, who like the reality, who is a real judge, who want to secure the world from destroying, who want to serve the orphans, bedews, patients, and poor, and who want to succeed hereafter or achieve the pleasure of the Almighty Allah. But every one should think that the world is going to end because without ending the deference among the religions it is impossible to secure the world from destroy.

Because according to my research the holy Quran surely the rightful religion and the reliable, undeniable proof on it is the protected dead bodies of millions Muslims in the graves under the earth in fresh and sleeping condition without use any chemical on their dead bodies since fourteen hundred years while there is no any protected dead body of any non-Muslims like them and according the holy Quran teaches except the religion Islam all religions are cancelled by the order of only one God it means that the majority of mankind is on the wrong way and the God is angry on them because world is full at this time by the infidelity, injustice, and other dangerous crimes. I think there no any way to control on it except what I have researched.

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