Details on Religions (A Guide Written in 2009)

NOTE: This guide was written in 2009 when was launched. Study here our new complete wonderful research of 21st century in the light of nature.

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There is NO protected dead body of Hindus


According to my research and knowledge there is no any protected dead body of Hindu religion and those who burn the dead body in the  fire until the dead body  be reduced or spill in the water. It is never happened since coming the religion Islam that they burned their dead bodies but any dead body could not burn or they spilled their dead bodies in the river or sea and any dead body could not decay and became protected forever?

But I have record that a Hindu when his relative persons began to burn his dead body in the fire he could not burn. Then the Muslims of his village said that it is possible that he may be a Muslim therefore he could not burn in fire so let us to research about him.
They went to his home to see the signs of any Islamic signs in his home. They found a carpet for saying prayers on and a string of beads which uses it a Muslim for praising the Allah greatest. Then the Muslims announced that this was not a Hindu really but he was he was a Muslim because he was prayed to the God according the religion Islam but he did not open it so his relative persons could not know it.

Then the Muslims demanded from His Hindu relatives to allow them to hide him in the grave according the teaching of religion Islam. They agreed them and they did so.

About this event told me a Muslim named Hayder in CPLC head office in Nazimabad Karachi in front of a Muslim named Mahmood .He said me that he can prove it in village named Gujjar in Rawalpindi Pakistan. This event prove that there the true Muslim can not burn in fire also by the order of Allah Almighty. There is not only one event that I depend on it but it is for example. At last I request from Hindu brothers and sisters that they ask to their Hindu religious scholars that why the any dead body of Hindu protected in the fire or water while there are millions protected dead bodies of Muslim Martyrs and true Muslims in their graves under the earth without use any chemical on their dead bodies in fresh and sleeping condition since centuries and years? I think that their scholars would not answer this question because what I have said is a reality. If they could not answer then understand that the religion Hindu is wrong and the religion Islam is only right so it is necessary for them to enter in this religion that they can succeed in the life hereafter.

Also I request from them that if they have any doubt on my research and what I have said above then they can reject my saying and proofs by showing any dead body of Hindu protected. If they could not show any Hindu protected dead body and they never do so then they should announce about it among the Hindu people too that they can also enter in Islam.

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