Details on Religions (A Guide Written in 2009)

NOTE: This guide was written in 2009 when was launched. Study here our new complete wonderful research of 21st century in the light of nature.

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Questions and Answers


General Questions

Is the Earth able to protect the dead bodies of Mankind, animals and birds in it itself since centuries without use of any chemical on the dead bodies?

It is usually impossible but the practically observation is that these bodies decay in earth in some weeks only.

But there are hundred percent truthful examples of thousands protected dead bodies of truthful Muslims in Earth since centuries and in these days also many protected dead bodies of Muslims found as in my records prove that. Then how can you say that Earth is not able to protect the dead bodies in itself?

It is a reality that earth is not able to protect the dead bodies of Mankind  animals and birds in it self but the dead bodies of truthful thousands Muslims are protected in it only by the order of God and his pleasure .

Then why God did not order the Earth to protect the dead bodies of those who are disbelievers or non Muslims?

Because God is not happy and agreed from them and their religions are wrong near to God as it is mentioned in Surah no 3 verse no 19 in holy Quran and in above conversation too .

I think that this answer is not right for two reasons. The first is that there is a majority of Muslims and believers whose dead bodies are not protected in Earth and second is that there is a majority of non Muslims or disbelievers who are in best condition in world. So how you can say that God is not happy and pleased from them?

My answer is right because God is not happy from those Muslims majority who are Muslims by the name only and do not pass their lives according the holy Quran which is verses of God really so God did not order to protect their dead bodies.

And being the non Muslims in best condition in world is not a proof that Allah is happy from them and their religions because Allah did not say in his verses holy Quran that he will not give the wealth in his world but he said that whose seek as religion other then the Islam it will not be accepted from him and he will be loser in the hereafter so do not go to any poverty or wealth but see the right and really proof.

Why the God or Allah did not order to Earth to protect the dead bodies of animals and birds in it while these bodies are also like the bodies of mankind in having blood and flesh?

These bodies do not have wisdom to believe on holy Quran and pass their lives according to guidance of this holy book which is already the guidance of God. So Allah did not do so.

How you have said that the dead bodies of non Muslims will be not protected while the dead body of pharaoh is protected as yet while he was non Muslim and against the messenger of Allah moose (peace be upon him) as it is mentioned in Holy Quran and in Islamic history?

No doubt that his dead body is protected as yet  and it mentioned in the Holy Quran but it is not for to respect him  and sign that he was a loving person near Allah but it is really disgrace for him and warning for all wrongdoers and disbelievers forever . Please think in this verse no 91, 92 Surah no 10 you will be agree with my answer as Allah says: what, now when hitherto thou hast rebelled and been of the wrongdoers?

So this day we save thee in thy body that thou mayst be a portent for those after thee. And lo most of mankind are heedless of our portents.

Questions from Non-Muslims

I accept that religion Islam is right religion to Allah by these undeniable proofs you have mentioned above but I do not like to enter Islam because the religious condition of many Muslims are very bad in the world?

My dear brothers if Allah will ask you that why did you not enter in Islam while you knew that it was right and loved to me then what will you answer? If you say that many Muslims were not acting according to orders of Islam? Allah will say it is right so I will punish them but you will be punished also that you also did not obey me then what will you answer? So if you are satisfied from the Islam you should enter in it without any reason.

How we will enter in Islam when there are many religious parties?

Yes it is right but you will not enter in any Islamic religious party but you will enter in Islam and you will be only Muslim and you will act on what are necessary in Islam not on where are differences or misunderstandings.

What is the way for entering in Islam?

It is very easy that you will contact any Islamic scholar in your country or city or go to any Islamic school or mosque where you will be guided for this for free.

After accepting Islam what will we do?

Firstly you will be in contact from any expert Islamic scholar for learning the teachings of Islam and secondly you will act on what you will learn for example paying the Salah five times in a day and adopt yourself from what is forbidden in it. Thirdly if you will like to show the teachings of Islam to other it depend on you and if you will feel any trouble in it then hide it. Fourthly there is no any pressure from Islam in any situation so do what will easy for you. Fifthly there is not necessary to migrate to any place but do what you like.