Details on Religions (A Guide Written in 2009)

NOTE: This guide was written in 2009 when was launched. Study here our new complete wonderful research of 21st century in the light of nature.

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An advice to United Nations


According to my research reality is that all  dreadful and dangerous wars had happened between  countries were religious wars and at this time  also this religious wars are continue in the world but if I say that in future also these religious wars will be continue it will be  not  wrong.

So I give an advice to united nations that if you like to save the world from destruction of wars please establish a religious united nations also (and it is easy to you) which duty will be research the right and truthful religion near to Allah among various religions because the creator of this world is only one because the system of this world is also only one from forever. So our common sense and knowledge says that it is perfect also that the rightful religion should be also only one. After research that only one rightful religion please inform the all mankind in world by the electronic and print medias that all mankind can satisfy from that religion and accept that  and by this way we can secure the world from the dangerous wars.

The way of research

The way of research by that religious United Nations is that you will take at least 10 expert religious persons from all religions and they will give hundred percent truthful and undeniable proofs about any one religion that it is rightful, loved, and perfected religion near to Almighty Allah. And then the proofs of that religion will be produced in front of all mankind in this world by the electronic and print media and the public would be asked questions about that religion and also they would be given a chance to give their opinion about that religion too. I think that this way is very easy for peace in this world and success after death too. Without it, it is impossible because according to my research the reason of all wars is only deference among the right and cancelled religions. So when we will not end this religious deference from the world it you will not succeed in making the world peaceful. So I request you to use your sources and power for serve the mankind and save the world from destruction. If you will do so the creator of this universe and creatures will very happy from you and will give you His pleasure hereafter also when your (and all persons also) eyes will be closed forever and then you will be alone under or any where. So please do this that the mankind will remember you in their prayers forever. If you succeeded in establish a religious united nations and researched the rightful religion you and your team will be alive forever and I the world will be very thankful to you.

Because there is no any work important in my thinking but you will be agree also if you will think in alone about the situation of world after ten years and see the situation of this time. Do you not know that there are many bombs has made in the world? And do you not know that all things will be made it will be used surely?  Then think if the wars began in the world then what will you do? At last I say you that if you did not act on my advice then your united nations will remember me when the world will full from the worst situations and I will not be in the world at that time.

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