Details on Religions (A Guide Written in 2009)

NOTE: This guide was written in 2009 when was launched. Study here our new complete wonderful research of 21st century in the light of nature.

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The religions except Christians and Jews in Holy Quran


Islam prohibits the following of any religion besides Islam. Islam was the religion of Adam and Eve and will always be the only religion of the entire mankind. Because in holy Quran it has been clearly mentioned the principles of all things not details of all things.

So when the holy Quran has said that messenger messiah is not God or son of God because he used to eat earthly food. Then it is a principle that all those who will use the eat food they can not be God or son of God. So all religion that follow the worshipping of humans or any other living or non-living thing are even not acceptable in Islam. All other religions be it Christianity or Jew religion are no substitute to the religion Islam that is the only religion of mankind.

No doubt that in religion Islam is respect of all those mankind who are saint and loved to Allah as all messengers from first man Adam to last messenger of Allah Muhammad that they are very respectful and they were gifted the spiritual power and miracles from almighty Allah .But even after all this they are not God or a son of God.

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