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  • You are confused about religion
  • You believe that something made the world and everything
  • You are just not sure who did it all

And you want to figure out what you believe!

Existence of God
100% Miracles
WHO is the God of Nature?
Allah? Ezra? Jesus? Yahweh? Ram? Krishna? Vishnu? Hanuman? Shiva? Zeus? Thor? Energy? Mother Earth?
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The nature declared that His name is...

Allah -

God of Islam

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Truth is Rarely Pure
100 Lies, One Truth

Either all religions are true or all religions are false or one religion is surely true but the rest of all religions are false.

According to witness and testimony of nature, only the one God "Allah" have been writing His name through nature in Arabic اللہ and also writing name of His last Prophet Muhammadﷺ through nature in Arabic محمد in the 21st century of science & technology.

Further, it is also against the laws of established science that neutral creatures of natures orally witnessing, speaking and glorifying only the name of one God "Allah" by themselves without any human intervention in the 21st century of advanced science.

The nature has clearly and practically declared forever that...

There is no God Except ALLAH (اللہ)
Muhammad ﷺ is Prophet of ALLAH (اللہ)

True religion
Power of ALLAH اللہ
Alive Corpses of Pious Muslims

Non-Muslims use chemicals, embalming and various medical science techniques to preserve dead bodies of their saints then claim it the work of God which is surely 100% lie.

While Muslims don't use any chemicals, embalming and medical science techniques to preserve their dead bodies yet their pious Muslims remain alive in fresh condition by the power of Allah without any human intervention.

Watch Yourself
Power of ALLAH اللہ
Surgeon Spirit of Muslim Martyr

Souls of dead non-Muslims are not able to perform medical operations and treatments for incurable patients in this physical world and there is no official news reports about soul of any single dead non-Muslim in the world.

But the soul of sunni Muslim named "Shah Yaqeeq Bukhari" has been curing the incurable patients for the last 500 years in Pakistan which had been investigated, researched and reported by several official news media channels including BBC Urdu News.


See Yourself
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Challenging disbelievers
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The story

In 2009, we started our investigation through nature after hearing a news from a stranger that dead body of a Hindu did not burn in fire.

Since the power to be completely unharmed by fire and immunity to fire has always been recorded as a religious miracle, especially as an element in the life of Prophets and Muslim saints only and the newspapers and TV channels of Pakistan were silent about it, so we traveled to Islamabad city to start our own research to figure out the truth about news and after inquiring from the people we came to know that it was a false news and just a rumor.

By the grace of Allahﷻ, our journey was not wasted because we got a new information from the people regarding the dead bodies of some pious Muslims that they were in fresh and intact condition naturally even after coming out of their graves many years later without any embalming and without any human intervention for their manual preservation.

Out of curiosity, we started our new journey for visiting cemeteries of Pakistan and meet gravediggers (Muslims and Non-Muslims) to investigate about the events of such fresh dead bodies of human beings after their death.

By the grace of Allahﷻ, we also started this website (www.RightfulRelgion.com) so that confused people in search of true religion can be helped through nature and they too can recognize the right religion and the God of nature.

Common Sense is Not So Common
Blind Believers

Since 2009, millions of emails had been sent to Non-Muslims including but not limited to TV Channels, Newspapers, Researchers, Scholars, Columnists, Journalists, Embassies, Universities, Colleges, United Nations, National Geographic, Discovery & more.

Even by the end of the year 2021, Non-Muslim media, religious and spiritual leaders and their rulers had been hiding practical proofs of the true God Allah through nature from the common people of their respective countries and they are kept in deception and darkness to worship imaginary gods.

On the other hand, majority of Muslim scholars, preachers, debaters and leaders are not using miracles of Allahﷻ through nature for inviting non-Muslims to Islam and they prefer quoting religious books (even worst that some Muslim scholars teach Muslims to not use proofs through nature).

These are some practical reasons that observable miracles didn't reach to more than five billion non-Muslims population of the world and they're still living in the darkness from the truth that Allahﷻ is God of universe and Muhammadﷺ is Prophet of Allahﷻ.