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ALLAH ( ) is God of Nature

"Praise belongs to Allah. He will show you His signs, then you will recognize them. And your Lord is not unaware of what you do." - Holy Quran (27.93)

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Power of ALLAH اللہ
The Nature

Name of Allah (اللہ) naturally appears through trees, birds, vegetables, fruits, clouds, etc but name of false gods do not appear through nature because Allah is the creator and controller of the system of universe. He controls everything that you see.

Newborn babies, lions, birds, cats, puppies, roosters, cows etc also naturally speak name of Allah but never naturally speak the name of false gods.

In addition to this, name of last Prophet Muhammad (محمد) also appears naturally throgh nature because Allah does it to show His signs to the people who use their common sense, brain, logic, science and ready to embrace the truth from Allah.

There is no God except ALLAH (اللہ)
Muhammad(ﷺ) is Prophet of ALLAH (اللہ)

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Power of ALLAH اللہ
The Soul

The soul of Shah Yaqeeq Baba (Muslim Martyr) has been doing medical operations and treatment of incurable patients at his shrine in Thatta city of Pakistan.

His remarkable achivements have been recognized in local and international media through various news TV channels and newspapers.

However, the souls of dead non-Muslims and bad Muslims are not performing any of such miracle because their souls are in punishment of Hellfire of Allah.

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Power of ALLAH (اللہ)
The Dead Bodies

The dead bodies of true Musims who believe in last Prophet Muhammadﷺ and respect all his companions, never decompose through nature after their death. It is because Allah protects them from decay and keeps them in intact condition so they look fresh and sleep-like as they've just died a moment ago. However, Allah does not protect dead bodies of any non-Muslim or bad Muslim so they all decompose through nature according to the laws of physics established by Allah.

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The story

Divine immunity from burning in fire has always been recorded as a religious miracle, especially as an element in the life of true Muslims only.

During the year 2009, when someone reported that the dead body of a Hindu could not be burnt in the fire, we decided to investigate the news.

Pakistan's official media news TV channels and newspapers were silent about any of such news, so the news seemed suspicious to us, but out of curiosity, we traveled to Islamabad city to investigate the truth.

After inquiring from the people we came to know that it was a pure false news and just a rumor that had nothing to do with reality and truth.

But our journey was not wasted because we got another news by the mercy of Allah that dead bodies of some Muslims did not decay after several years remained buried in their graves without any embalming.

When we visited some cemeteries of Pakistan and inquired about this through experienced and professional gravediggers of those cemeteries (Muslims and Non-Muslims), it was revealed to us that dead bodies of some righteous Muslims were found in fresh condition without embalming but fresh dead body of any non-Muslim without emabling were never witnessed.

We recoreded video interviews of gravediggers and they are available at our Official YouTube Channel: Rightful Religion

Since that time, we launched this platform ( to share our research and findings about truth of religion Islam through behaviors of nature and irrefutabe, observable, natural, perceptible, impartial and practical miracles of Allah to help truth seekers come to the light and embrace the rightful religion "Islam" of Almighty Allahﷻ the One True God.

Common Sense is Not So Common
The Global Awareness

Since 2009, we have sent millions of emails to various entities, such as TV channels, newspapers, research experts, writers, scholars, journalists, embassies, universities, and colleges worldwide. However, despite our efforts, it appears that many people have failed to use their common sense.

Unfortunately, as a result of ignoring the clear signs and open miracles of Allah, the majority of people in the world are suffering in darkness and walking on the path to hellfire.

The world has become increasingly hellish, with rising rates of poverty, illiteracy, crime, rape, suicide, and terrorism due to existence of false gods being worshipped beside Allah.